Sustainable Shipping@Sea: Zero Emission in Sight

The shipping industry has immense potential for reducing its environmental footprint. Despite the fact that transport over water is the most energy-efficient means of transportation, its environmental footprint is significant. There is an urgent need for the decarbonization of shipping. CO2 and other shipping emissions need to become ghosts of the past. The quest has begun towards sustainable shipping at sea. You are invited.

How do we build this sustainable shipping sector together? Which innovative sustainable ships are around the corner, who is ordering these ships and what is being done to incentivize and finance this transition? In this session, we will highlight what is being done on sustainable shipping in the Dutch sector, and especially in Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe.

You are invited to listen to expert contributions on the future of sustainability in the maritime sector, and ask your questions to learn how you can contribute to making shipping greener.

With contributions from Michael Visser, NIBC bank, Tim van Vrijaldenhoven, Thrust (Towards Hydrogen-based Renewables used for Ship Transportation) and Danny Bergakker, Elkem AS (BICEPS shippers network). Moderator: Marjolein van Noort, finance expert Royal Dutch Shippers Association.

Date: November 7th
Time: 15.30 – 16.15hrs
Place: Europort, Rotterdam Ahoy, ON STAGE (Plaza).
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Sustainable Shipping@Sea is a collaboration between Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe, Maritime Delta / Innovation Quarter and the North Sea Foundation.