Blog: 2019 is a remarkable and promising year for YoungShip (YS)

For various reasons, 2019 is a remarkable and promising year for YoungShip (YS). For those who are not familiar with this non-profit organization, allow us to briefly elaborate on our history and explain our philosophy. 

Envisioning a global network
YoungShip International (YSI) was founded in 2004 in Norway by a group of enthusiastic young professionals operating in the maritime industry. YSI started with a clear vision, namely, it should  “stimulate network development, promote competences of young-capital, and encourage professionals in the global maritime industry”. As per today, the YoungShip-network counts more than 29 branches and over 3,500 individual members that are located in the largest cities around the world.

YoungShip Rotterdam
Exactly five years ago, in 2014 the Dutch department was established. Despite being part of an extensive and broad international network, YoungShip Rotterdam (YSRTM) operates as an own entity. Gradually, the Dutch vision reaches further than abovementioned, currently its foundation is based upon four main pillars:

  1. Sharing knowledge within the entire spectrum of the industry
  2. Attracting, retaining and developing national- and international young-professionals
  3. Acting as a bridge between the established order and the upcoming ambitious future-leaders and at last
  4. Promoting Rotterdam as the maritime hotspot of Europe.

Over the years, members of the Dutch chapter have increased to approximately 450, ranging from students to young professionals that have nationalities from all over the world. YoungShip witnesses firsthand that Rotterdam offers plenty of facilities to create a business climate and moreover an ideal leisure environment for maritime enthusiasts to settle. Hence, YoungShip Rotterdam firmly believes and wants to ventilate its vision that “de havenstad” has all the potential to become the “Silicon Valley” of the maritime industry of Europe.

On a micro-level YoungShip Rotterdam attempts to facilitate a wide range of activities, varying from business-related masterclasses to interactive workshops, and from leisure events to networking drinks on Thursday nights in the ‘Old Harbor’ downtown Rotterdam.

However, frankly speaking, YoungShip does not have the financial and non-financial tools to scale up to the Macro level. Therefore, YSRTM actively endeavors to intensify its cooperation with other organizations and (international oriented) businesses that are located in Rotterdam and its surroundings. It is essential that various parties work closely together to create a business climate that does not only attracts but also retains and develops young capital.

Why is 2019 a promising and remarkable year, as stated at the beginning of this blog? Well, both YoungShip International (15th), as well as YoungShip Rotterdam (5th), celebrate their anniversary. On Thursday, 5th of September 2019, YoungShip Rotterdam will celebrate its first lustrum with a barbeque for all its members. Registration is open for everyone, so keep track of our social media and website.

Secondly, YoungShip Rotterdam has successfully won the bid on organizing ShipCon 2020. ShipCon is the annual international conference of YoungShip International that is yearly organized by a different department. In Q3-2020 this conference will be held in Rotterdam, which gives YoungShip Rotterdam the ideal platform to further propagate its persuasion and ventilate its deeply rooted philosophy. We hope that we have drawn your interest and enthusiasm to partner up and make Rotterdam the “Silicon Valley” of the maritime industry in Europe.

Needless to say, one should not hesitate to contact us!

Written by:

Charles Sassen – Chairman YoungShip Rotterdam

Tel: +31(0) 6 50 52 47 04




World Port Business Breakfast 2019

Op vrijdag 6 september 2019 staat de kracht van het netwerk centraal bij het World Port Business Breakfast in Hogeschool Rotterdam op RDM. Hier komt het Rotterdamse Innovatie Ecosysteem bijeen om kennis te delen rond de energietransitie.

Wat gaat er op korte termijn gebeuren in de verandering en verduurzaming van de industrie in de Botlek. En minstens zo belangrijk, hoe houd je daar grip op met advies, innovaties, investeringen en gedeelde kennis? Met on-stage interviews en onderlinge discussies zorgen we voor een duurzame bijdrage aan het proces.

Wil je hierbij aanwezig zijn? We verwelkomen je graag!

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07:30 uur            Inloop en ontbijt

08:00 uur            Interviews

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